LONGi supplies 73 MW of high-efficiency modules for the Largest Solar Sharing Project in Bangladesh

Global News

LONGi, the world leading solar technology company, has supplied 73 MW of bifacial double-glass modules for a solar sharing project developed by the YongFu Group in Mymensingh, a major financial center and the 4th largest city located on Bangladesh’s Brahmaputra River. Solar sharing is a land sharing system between agriculture and electricity generation, which aims to generate electricity on farmland, using solar panels mounted on a raised framework, with crops growing underneath. 

The biggest utility-scale PV system in Bangladesh, the Mymensingh Project went live in September. Despite the backdrop of COVID-19 causing the cancellation of overseas events and restricting business trips and face to face meetings, LONGi was still able to deliver its modules and technical support to make sure that construction could be completed on time, saving time & cost for all parties involved. The Project uses LONGi Hi-MO 4 modules, which themselves help drive down installation as well as BOS costs. “LONGi has a strong track record of helping our clients maximize their economic returns while reducing our own environmental impact,” said Dennis She, Senior Vice President of LONGi Solar. “In Bangladesh, LONGi, as one of the leading manufacturers in the PV industry, seeks to contribute more to the development of the solar sharing model.”

About LONGi 

LONGi, headquartered in Xi’an, China, focuses on manufacturing PV products and providing solar power technology solutions. Its product offerings range from wafers, cells, modules and PV solar power equipment to solar power systems. The LONGi Group has evolved into a global company with assets of approximately US$8.38 billion and more than US$4.65 billion in annual revenues in 2019.