AEO Accreditation Boosts LONGI’s Global Deployment at Speed of “Light”

Global News

Recently, approved by General Administration of Customs of China and notified by Yinchuan Customs, Ningxia LONGi Silicon Materials Co., Ltd. and Yinchuan LONGi Silicon Materials Co., Ltd. were both accredited as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) is the highest credit rating for international trade enterprises recognized by the customs of all countries, and the national approval rate is only 5 ‰. The system is established by the World Customs Organization to achieve the objectives of the “Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate global trade (SAFE)”, build a partnership between customs and commerce & trade, and realize secure trade and convenient customs clearance.

AEO accreditation requires enterprises to have a sound management system, healthy financial indicators, impeccable goods security management conditions. It’s like a “VIP card” of international trade, and can bring LONGi great trade facilitation and preferential treatment such as customs clearance priority and continuous trade protection mechanism to reduce the customs clearance costs and promote the international competitiveness significantly. Meanwhile, the cooperation of customs of different countries can help LONGi “go out” more easily, and eventually achieve easy customs clearance worldwide.

At present, China Customs has realized AEO mutual recognition with 31 countries and regions such as Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, the EU, New Zealand and Switzerland, and is negotiating AEO mutual recognition with the USA, the ASEAN, India, Japan and other major trade countries or regions.

With mutual recognition, an AEO certified by China Customs will directly become an AEO recognized by other countries, and will enjoy the highest customs clearance convenience in all countries that have signed the mutual recognition agreement with China.

As wholly-owned subsidiaries of LONGi, Ningxia LONGi and Yinchuan LONGi are important monocrystalline R&D and manufacturing bases of the company. The AEO accreditation is full recognition of LONGi’s long-term commitment to high-efficiency quality, standardized management, and large-scale development.

On this basis, LONGi will speed up the internationalization of its whole photovoltaic industry chain, push its global strategy to a new level, and promote the healthy, fast and sustainable development of the global renewable energy system with its “PV” power.