LONGi Group’s Chairman of the board Zhong Baoshen was elected among "Top ten personalities of 2017 New Energy"

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After the fierce competition of network votes as well as expert review from the third-party Media Association, the four months plus of massive election finally came to an end. Recently, at the Awards ceremony for "Top ten personalities of 2017 New Energy" in Live-broadcasting studio of People's Daily Online, LONGi Group’s Chairman of the board,Mr. Zhong Baoshen was successfully elected representing the photovoltaic (PV) industry.

Mr. Zhong Baoshen, currently the Chairman of the board of LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd., has been advocating the promotion of PV industry with great enthusiasm in this industry since his initial participation. His extraordinary hard work, thoughtfulness, perseverance and strategic foresight, courage, as well as his adherence to the specialized development direction of LONGi focused on research and development of monocrystalline technology, altogether forged LONGi into the presently largest monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic product manufacturer worldwide. LONGi has become a world leading monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic products manufacturer in terms of technology, costs, benefit and otherwise.

Despite the great success in its strategic objectives, LONGi Group never sits idle on its achievements, on the contrary, it keeps moving forward by following higher requirements. In the future, LONGi is committed to becoming the world's most valuable solar energy company to provide customers with optimal products. By doing so, LONGi Group wants to show the world its mission and responsibilities as the industry's leading enterprise.

When talking about the opportunity for him to enter the current industry, Zhong Baoshen said that after Germany launched the "Renewable Energy Sources Act (2004)", the photovoltaic industry hence began its rapid development. Simultaneously, China's photovoltaic industry ushered in the vitality as well. These changes convinced him that the photovoltaic industry had a bright prospect for now and for future. Under the belief that "PV can make a significant contribution to human life and solve human’s long-term dependence on fossil fuels", Zhong Baoshen resigned from his position as the General Manager of a firm started up in Shenyang in 2006 and came to LONGi Group. Ever since then, he has been engaged in the development of photovoltaic industry, and LONGi also stepped onto a partnership of journey towards a professional PV enterprise.

In the award announcement for Zhong Baoshen, the organizer read, "The very beginning mind itself is the most accomplished mind of true enlightenment. Mr. Zhong has always adhered to the application of efficient mono-crystalline technology for decades, the promotion of popular availability of Diamond wire saw (DWS) cutting technology, as well as the effort to reduce the cost of the entire photovoltaic industry. He has established preponderance of the industry chain covering from mono-crystalline silicon solar cells, to the battery components, to the systematic application. In the field of mono-crystalline technology, he has been expanding the territory and unswervingly chasing his photovoltaic dream. "

Since joining LONGi in 2006, Zhong Baoshen has been in this industry for 11 years. In the past decade more, the photovoltaic industry has grown and updated. Its industry scale has been gradually increased while its cost is lowered by 90%. Under Zhong Baoshen's leadership, the production capacity of LONGi Group has increased by 2000 times in the past ten years. Nevertheless, LONGi consistently follows its original intention and insisted on the initial planning for developing mono-crystalline technology for over a decade. His ten years’ adherence used to be criticized for being "too conservative", which now accomplishes its position as the global leader in mono-crystalline technology. His persistence brings mono-crystalline technology back to the mainstream in this industry. LONGi Group spent ten years working on its undertaking, leading to a whole industry chain from mono-crystalline silicon solar cells to battery components, to the systematic application.

As a leader in this industry, LONGi Group concentrates on research on mono-crystalline technology as well as its application at the beginning of this industry. It withstands shocks from both internal and external when the industry experiences severe depression, and optimizes the industrial chain layout without abandoning its original pursuit when the rapid recovery of the industry emerges. Meanwhile, as the backbone of this industry, responsibility and mission have always run through the development process of LONGi Group. While continuously investing in research and development and reducing the cost of electricity, LONGi has taken the lead in practicing the concept of "making clean energy with clean energy" by implementing production layout in Yunnan, so as to enable production and operation as well as clean energy development closely integrated.

A year earlier when Zhong Baoshen was nominated as one of “Sina Finance 2016 Top Ten economic figures”, he once expressed, "at present, the development of new energy is not only the responsibility of the photovoltaic industry, but also common to the responsibility of all humanity. We are aware of our heavy responsibility as well as the urgent necessity to develop the PV industry with a faster velocity and benefit more people from rich and low-cost clean electricity by advanced technologies and reasonable prices. The cost of solar power will drop another 50% in 5 years. "

Nowadays it’s obvious for the popularization of fair-price accession to the internet. Zhong Baoshen appealed to the upper class and the public to see the development and progress of new energy represented by photovoltaic material and the changes brought to the human life as the cheapest and cleanest energy in future. LONGi’s future will be leaded by its Chairman of the board- Zhong Baoshen as always, continuing to devote itself to technological innovation for cost reduction and efficiency improvement in photovoltaic industry, so that LONGi can reconstruct clean green energy through advanced photovoltaic technologies and guard the green mountains and clear waters of our motherland.