LONGi Solar Invited to UN Climate Change Conference China Pavilion, Accelerating Africa’s Stride toward PV 3.0 Era

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The 23rd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 23) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) took place in Bonn, Germany on November 6, 2017. This is a “very important conference”, since it’s tasked with formulating specific implementation rules for the Paris Agreement, which is in force but still a framework at present, to push all countries to reach consensus on dealing with climate changes, and lay the foundation for the completion of negotiations on the implementation rules of the Paris Agreement by 2018.

In recent years, China has become a leader actively responding to climate change, has taken positive actions in response to climate change, and brought up “China’s plan” to advance the global climate governance. Taking PV as an example, China has been making vigorous efforts to develop solar power over the past five years, with a cumulative installed capacity over 120GW, making a significant contribution to the energy restructuring, energy conservation and emission reduction in China. LONGi Solar, a representative green energy company of China, was invited to COP23. To promote the development of green energy, LONGi Solar has been adhering to the mission of “producing green energy with green energy” to promote the growth of the solar industry.

Xia Aimin, Director of Overseas Marketing, LONGi Solar, delivered a keynote speech at a side event of China Pavilion themed with “bidding farewell to the darkness and sharing the sunlight to enhance human well-being”. According to Mr. Xia, to solve the problem of climate change and reduce carbon emissions, we should start from energy transformation, and vigorously develop renewable green energy. Solar energy as an inexhaustible renewable energy will surely become the main energy in the future. Solar power generation has become the lowest-cost energy supply solution in many countries, especially in Africa, where sunlight condition is good but power supply is scarce, and more highly efficient, reliable solar products are needed to increase power generation, reduce system costs, and promote the economic value. In the PV 3.0 era represented by 300W+ PERC module products, LONGi Solar’s double-sided double-glass module can increase power generation by 10~25%, which will surely help Africa advance from the no-electricity era to the green energy era. The representatives and organizations from all over the world applauded LONGi Solar’s opinions, and discussed the follow-up cooperation with LONGi Solar after the meeting.

In the next two decades, renewable energy will be the main direction of energy investment, and the core trend of energy development. As one of the most important clean energy sources, solar PV will certainly be able to become a reliable and sustainable energy source for all humankind.