LONGi Solar Launches Half-cut Bifacial PERC Hi-MO3 Module rated at 320W on the Front-side

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On May 28, at SNEC 2018, LONGi Solar released its Hi-MO3, an innovativehalf-cut bifacial p-mono PERC module. This is another advanced PERC cell and module construction by LONGi Solar which follows on the heel of its Hi-MO1 PERC low-LID module in 2016 and Hi-MO2 bifacial PERC module in 2017.


Hi-MO3 uses half-cut techniques to reduce the operating current of the cell by half, effectively reducing resistance losses and increasing power by 5-10 watts on average. With bifacial technology, the front-side power of the module reaches 320W (60-cell), and the bifaciality is higher than 75%. Under shaded conditions, Hi-MO3 yields more energy than a full-cell module array. The advantages of Hi-MO3 include lower hot spot temperature that reduces LCOE by a factor of 10% or more compared to conventional products at all irradiation levels.


“This 3rd generation of Hi-MO with higher power, higher yield, lower hot spot effect further improves product efficiency and performance which in turn accelerates the reduction of LCOE,” Zhong Baoshen, Chairman of LONGi Solar, said. “It’s the result of the R&D team’s relentless focus in technological innovations. We expect that the launch of Hi-MO3 can bring new breakthroughs to the development of the industry.”


“PV power generation as a strategic emerging industry in China has huge development potential for the future. PV companies must have a sense of responsibility and mission to continuously make innovations and progress,” said Li Junfeng, former director of National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation. Shi Dinghuan, Former Counselor of the State Council and honorary chairman of China Renewable Energy Society, added, “the advancement of energy revolution and green revolution requires the promotion of technical innovation in PV products, continuous improvement of photoelectric conversion efficiency and PV investment value, and further acceleration of grid parity. LONGi Solar’s practice in technological innovation and product innovation deserves encouragement and recommendation.”


LONGi Solar has continuously increased R&D investment in the science and technology of mono-crystalline. In the past five years, the company invested a total of RMB 2.464 billion. In 2017 alone, the company invested RMB1.108 billion, 6.77% of its sales, into R&D, the highest among PV companies in the world. With continuous R&D investment, LONGi Solar has made remarkable technological progress. Since September 2017, the company has broken the world records for PERC cell and module technology eight times.


In 2017, LONGi Solar shipped 4.66GW monocrystalline modules, ranking first in the world in monocrystalline cell and module shipments for three consecutive years. The release of Hi-MO3 is expected to further accelerate the progress of PV grid parity.