LONGi's Global Distributed R&D Center Launched in Jiaxing: Fostering Innovation and Strengthening the BC Ecosystem

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Jiaxing, China- July 3rd LONGi officially launched its Global Distributed R&D Center in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, marking a significant milestone in the company's strategy to enhance product capabilities and strengthen the BC ecosystem. The opening ceremony was attended by key local government officials, including Vice Mayor Dai Feng of Jiaxing, and prominent LONGi executives such as Chairman Zhong Baoshen and Head of the Product and Solution Center Lv Yuan.

The establishment of the R&D center is a testament to the strong support from the Jiaxing municipal government and the local administrations of Xiuzhou District and Wangdian Town. This facility, covering an area of 20,000 square meters, is designed to focus on the technological development, product innovation, and market application of distributed photovoltaic (PV) systems. The center includes a central experimental line, materials and product reliability testing areas, joint innovation spaces, and offices for research personnel.

Chairman Zhong emphasized that the center aims to meet diverse global customer demands for product reliability, aesthetics, and functionality, thereby advancing the global adoption of PV technologies across various scenarios. By the end of 2024, the center is expected to host over 300 highly skilled researchers, including doctoral teams from LONGi's Central Research Institute, dedicated to developing products for different distributed application scenarios.

LONGi, known for its substantial investment in PV research and development, allocated RMB 7.721 billion to R&D in 2023 alone. The company's Central Research Institute boasts over 5,000 researchers and holds 2,879 patents.

The choice of Jiaxing as the site for the R&D center aligns with Xiuzhou District's strategy to position the PV industry as a key driver of high-quality development. The district's decade-long effort has established a thriving PV industry cluster, earning it recognition as a core area of Zhejiang's advanced manufacturing clusters.

In addition to the new R&D center, the opening ceremony also saw the inauguration of the Xiuzhou District PV Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Sharing Center, which aims to integrate precise R&D with intelligent PV manufacturing, enhancing product lifecycle efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

During the event, LONGi also hosted a Partner Co-Creation Conference, attended by 24 partners. Representatives from companies such as NIU, DR Laser, and Carbon Energy shared their collaborative experiences with LONGi. This conference highlighted LONGi's commitment to building a robust BC ecosystem, which has seen significant investments and the formation of a strong R&D team, resulting in over 120 patents.

Chairman Mr.Zhong Baoshen reiterated LONGi's dedication to collaborative innovation and mutual growth with its partners, a tradition upheld since the company's single-crystal strategy announcement in 2006. LONGi's partnerships span the entire supply chain, from equipment and auxiliary materials to raw materials, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient BC production process.

LONGi's launch of the "Partner + LONGi" collaborative innovation ecosystem at the conference aims to foster shared innovation and win-win outcomes. This ecosystem is built on three core value propositions and cooperation principles, encompassing partner evaluation, model selection, technology enablement, and value sharing. To ensure the success of this ecosystem, LONGi has introduced a standardized partner revenue calculation system and will support its implementation with specialized organizations, end-to-end processes, digital systems, and comprehensive monitoring.

As LONGi continues to invest in BC R&D and strengthens its BC ecosystem, the company is poised for a fruitful future. With a diverse product lineup under the Hi-MO X6 flagship and a growing network of supply chain partners, LONGi remains committed to the vision that "every building can generate electricity," striving to make this dream a reality through continuous innovation and collaboration.

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