LONGi Upgrades its Hi-MO 7 Bifacial Module for Improved Value

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Canada - Jul 2nd, 2024 - After launching the LONGi Hi-MO 7 bifacial module in May of 2023, we are building on its success by releasing a new higher power version of the module – available exclusively in Canada. Featuring improved aesthetics with a darker, sleeker look, the module upgrade is in response to both customer demand for larger power capacity and updated industry standardization on module dimensions.

The first version of the Hi-MO 7 module represented a significant advancement in solar technology, combining efficiency, reliability and sustainability. Continuing to leverage the high-efficiency cell technology, the upgraded Hi-MO 7 module now has an improved 620W power output and increased module efficiency of 23.0%. Designed for utility power plants, the module has a dimension of 2382 x 1134 x 30 mm. 

The upgraded version of the Hi-MO 7 module, like its predecessor, benefits from LONGi’s multi-dimensional product design and stringent raw materials selection, as well as its advanced manufacturing processes. Hi-MO 7 utilizes high-quality monocrystalline silicon wafers, optimized module encapsulation and cell paste, SMBB high-precision interconnection, and intelligent automatic junction box welding technology. The utilization of digitalized manufacturing and quality control platforms incorporating AI detection technology further guarantees the quality of Hi-MO 7. As a result, Hi-MO 7 warranties less than 1% first-year power degradation and less than 0.4% linear power degradation from the second year to the 30th year. 

The new module leverages the same advanced frame design, incorporating a 30mm high-strength aluminum alloy frame, for enhanced durability and load capacity. Its robust construction means it can withstand heavy snow loads and high wind pressures, to ensure reliable performance and durability in extreme weather conditions. The module’s 80% bifaciality and excellent power temperature coefficient of -0.28%/°C means higher energy yields, which is particularly important in colder climates and snowy regions like Canada.

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