LONGi modules increase power generation by 9.35% at Vietnamese power plant

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A project within a vast solar park located at the eastern end of Vietnam's southern coastline exclusively deploys LONGi Hi-MO modules. Since connection to the grid at the end of 2019, the power generation of this specific project has significantly surpassed expectations and, according to customer feedback, is 9.35% higher than that of neighbouring projects with the same installed capacity, resulting in an increase in profit for the client.

The project is located 100 kilometres from Nha Trang in the Vietnamese province of Khanh Hoa. The terrain is flat and the plant, equipped with LONGi Hi-MO 4m modules with power output of 425/430W, has a total capacity of 50MW. The modules are mounted on 2P fixed racks and connected to string inverters.

The project adjoins another 50MW Hacom power plant, both connected to the same substation with the same design power. Data was provided on power generation for the period from December 27, 2019 to January 8, 2020. The plant using LONGi modules had an average daily power generation capacity of 245.8 MWh (approximately 4.91 kWh/kW), 9.35% higher than that of its neighbour.

Power generation data from January to April 2020 also confirms that LONGi modules provide high levels of reliability in humid subtropical regions. This is due to rigorous material selection and preparation processes, which ensure long-term stable operation under conditions of high temperatures and humidity. The modules’ average daily power generation per watt was 5.15kWh/kW, with the overall power generated by the plant fulfilling the electricity demands of some 50,000 local residents. Given the greater irradiation levels in the summer, the theoretical total power generation capacity would have been larger had the whole year been taken into account.

LONGi Hi-MO series modules offer excellent power generation performance and product stability based on the low degradation achieved by using gallium-doped silicon wafers, advanced cell technology, strict module material and process control and serial reliability assessment. Hi-MO series modules have also shown excellent performance in TÜV Rheinland QS China testing, RETC's annual PV module evaluation report and pv magazine's power generation demonstration.

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