LONGi Solar North America Launches Hi-MO 7 PV Module in Canada

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Global Energy Show 2023, CALGARY, June 13, 2023LONGi, a global leader in solar technology, is proud to announce the immediate availability of its latest PV module, the Hi-MO 7, in Canada. This cutting-edge solar solution will further strengthen LONGi's presence in the Canadian utility-scale solar market, which saw annual installations increase by over 75% in 2022 compared to 2021 and is set to accelerate further with new federal policy incentives.

The Hi-MO 7 module was launched globally in May and represents a significant advancement in solar technology, combining efficiency, reliability and sustainability. Designed with the latest high-efficiency mono HPDC (Hybrid Passivated Dual-Junction Cell), this standard bifacial M10-sized module offers superior power output of up to 580 watts and a conversion efficiency of 22.5%, ensuring optimal energy generation even in challenging weather conditions, in addition to its cutting-edge cell technology, Hi-MO 7's advanced module design and manufacturing further increases power production as well as improving performance and reliability.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Hi-MO 7 PV module to the Canadian market,” said Steven Chan, head of LONGi North America. “Canada has emerged as a key player in the global transition to renewable energy, and LONGi is committed to supporting this transition by providing the industry’s highest-quality solar solutions. The Hi-MO 7 module showcases our dedication to solar technology innovation and reinforces our position as a leading provider of PV modules worldwide.”

Innovative Design

LONGi’s Hi-MO 7 module ensures reliability throughout its lifespan through multi-dimensional product design and stringent raw materials selection as well as advanced manufacturing processes. Hi-MO 7 utilizes high-quality monocrystalline silicon wafers, optimized module encapsulation and cell paste, SMBB high-precision interconnection, and intelligent automatic junction box welding technology. The utilization of digitalized manufacturing and quality control platforms incorporating AI detection technology further guarantees the quality of Hi-MO 7. As a result, Hi-MO 7 warranties less than 0.8% first-year power degradation and less than 0.38% linear power degradation from the second year to the 30th year.  

Furthermore, LONGi’s Hi-MO 7 bifacial module features an advanced frame design, incorporating a 30mm high-strength aluminum alloy frame for enhanced durability and load capacity. Its robust construction enables the module to withstand heavy snow loads and high wind pressures, ensuring exceptional performance and durability in the cold weather climates of Canada. Hi-MO 7’s superior HPDC bifaciality is at approximately 80%, which resulting in improved power production especially when installed in snowy regions in Canada. 

CJ Fu, Director of Product Solutions, LONGi North America said, “After LONGi’s rigorous 18-month evaluation, development and testing program, this module not only significantly improves module efficiency, but it also brings world-leading product quality and long-term reliability. The new design brings down the LCOE by 3%-4% compared to system design utilizing mainstream PERC modules, reducing costs associated with balance of system and AC terminal equipment as well as overall operation and maintenance costs throughout the project lifecycle.”

As a leading solar technology company, LONGi continues to invest in research and development to push the boundaries of solar innovation, including state-of-the-art manufacturing processes that reduce carbon emissions and minimize environmental impact. The Hi-MO 7 module is a testament to LONGi’s commitment to delivering high-quality solar products that contribute to a greener future.

Hi-MO 7 capacity is now available for immediate delivery in Canada. For sales queries or to request a demo, please contact Tony Hu at thu@LONGi.com or +1 403 554 3114 to learn more about LONGi’s complete product portfolio addressing both the utility-scale and distributed generation markets.


LONGi in Canada at GES 2023

LONGi will also be exhibiting at the Global Energy Show 2023 from June 13-15 at the BMO Centre at Stampede Park in Calgary at Booth 1227. LONGi technology experts and sales representatives will be on hand to discuss LONGi’s complete product portfolio including the Hi-MO 5 and Hi-MO 7 products for various application scenarios.


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LONGi leads the global solar PV industry with breakthrough monocrystalline technology innovations, supplying high-efficiency solar modules for all market segments and project types. LONGi is the world’s most valuable solar technology company with a 2022 market capitalization of approximately $36 billion USD, with a production capacity of 133 GW of mono silicon wafers, 50 GW cell capacity and 85 GW of module shipments, supplying a quarter of global market demand. As a fully vertically integrated, sustainably focused company, LONGi offers leading technology at a competitive price.


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