The LONGi One Percent Fundation of RCSC is a non-public special fund under the Red Cross Society of China initiated by LONGi leaders and benevolent figures in 2010 for such a purpose: one percent contribution from you means one hundred percent change for others. It calls for everyone to offer one percent income, time, or energy to the public welfare. The Fundation Management Committee, consisted of LONGi leaders and members from headquarters of RCSC, is run by the LONGi's Brand Management Department on daily basis.

The LONGi One Percent Fundation of RCSC

Since its founding, the One Percent Fundation has been donating to rebuilding Yushu (a city of Qinghai province) after the earthquake, saving Tibetan kids with congenital heart disease, and offering scholarship and grants, with which over 800 students finished school. The year 2019 saw the Fundation accomplished its phase II “Talent Incentives” school grant plan (2015 to 2019) in Lanzhou University, funding a total of 100 students from the university. On the occasion of the 110 Anniversary of Lanzhou University, the One Percent Fundation launched another school grant program there, which collected five million yuan registered donations. The program will support the university's education and efforts to be ranked as a Double First Class University in the next decade.