LONGi introduces value proposition of 182mm M10 module in larger solar applications

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During a two-day session at an Intersolar Munich Review Conference hosted by TaiyangNews, LONGi has given a presentation on the value proposition of the 182 mm/M10 module, based on bifacial PERC in larger solar applications

Jason Yan, Senior Product Marketing Manager at LONGi Solar, asserted that PV products and technologies should be based on LCOE and take into account cost, energy yield, reliability and feasibility, with system value analysis performed in tandem with application scenarios. After taking into account all boundary conditions, the M10 module is the best size for a utility-scale power plant and future technological innovation should be centered on increasing efficiency.

TaiyangNews Managing Director Michael Schmela subsequently engaged in a fireside chat with the CEO of Solyco Solar, Lars Podlowski. Solyco is a leader in high-quality and durable solar products in Europe and has been active in the field of photovoltaic modules since 1996. 

Podlowski commented: “For rooftops, M10 is the perfect size. I cannot see any advantage in G12 for rooftops. Usually, you have seen these panels of 5 strings which don’t look particularly good.” According to Podlowski, the size of the M10 is the perfect match for the next generation of new high-efficiency cells, with LONGi, Jinko and JA Solar previously jointly launching the unified M10 size module. He went on to praise the efforts of the Chinese solar industry to introduce standardization in the vertical supply chain, which has resulted in lower costs.

In summary, the 182mm module was deemed to be the best size following detailed consideration of manufacturing processes, deployment procedure and customer value. LONGi will continue to focus on improving cell and module efficiency in order to advance technology and provide better value to its customers.

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