LONGi supplies 92MW of its Hi-MO 4 modules for Beijing Energy Holding solar project in NingXia Hui Autonomous Region

Global News

Connected to the national grid on December 25, 2019, Beijing Energy Holding’s 180MW solar project is located at the Taiyangshan New Energy Base in Wuzhong City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, in north-west China. LONGi worked as EPC for this project, also supplying 92MW of its Hi-MO 4 modules for the project’s Phase B.

Covering an area of 5595 acres, the total investment for the project reached 720 million yuan, the adoption of LONGi’s Hi-MO 4 high-power modules and a 3125KW centralized inverter transformer making the plant a perfect example of the high efficiency of the entire base, once again creating an impressive “LONGi Speed” within 77 days.

The annual solar irradiation for the Taiyangshan base exceeds 6000 mega-joules per square meter, with the region’s surface properties of desert and semi-desert also providing significant advantages for the development of new energy. Compared with a conventional polycrystalline solar plant, the LONGi monocrystalline Hi-MO 4 modules installed will save 0.21 yuan/watt in BOS costs. With the advantages of excellent power generation performance and average annual attenuation of less than 0.55%, the LCOE cost of the Hi-MO 4 modules has been significantly reduced and their reliability in practical applications fully validated.

Covering a total area of 300 square kilometers and with an investment of 30 billion yuan, the Taiyangshan is China's leading "Double Hundred" base, integrating installed capacity of 1 million Kw each of wind and solar power and providing an excellent reference for the realization of a new ‘Wind-Solar Complementary’ energy pattern.

During cooperation on the project, LONGi established a comprehensive, strictly implemented quality control system to ensure smooth construction and coordination of module capacity from the production base, in order to overcome any potential difficulties and guarantee timely delivery. LONGi’s outstanding performance in terms of on time delivery and reliability was the subject of high praise by Beijing Energy Holding.

As one of China’s leading new energy bases, the Taiyangshan base is significant in promoting the large-scale and diversified development of new energy in China. The successful application of LONGi high-efficiency monocrystalline modules in this project has played a positive role in promoting both the efficient and comprehensive development of new energy and the clean development of the local energy structure.