LONGi Green Energy, the Parent Company of LONGi Solar, Continues to Lead the World in Overall Financial Health

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Recently, PHOTON Consulting released the PV Triathlon 3Q17 report on the competitiveness of global PV companies. LONGi Green Energy, the parent company of LONGi Solar, is listed in the 1st quartile by virtue of leading technical strength, and its financial health score remains the highest among all global PV companies.

PHOTON Consulting evaluated and ranked 56 global PV companies with outstanding performance in sustainability, business efficiency, financial health and other aspects.

LONGi Green Energy Ranks No.5 by Overall Score

LONGi Green Energy stands out from a number of well-known PV companies with the 5th highest overall score, and secures its position in the 1st quartile.

LONGi Green Energy Ranks No.1 by Financial Health

Scored by individual indicators, LONGi Green Energy ranks No.1 by financial health, and continues to take the lead with a score of 1.6;

LONGi Green Energy Ranks No.3 by Profitability and Cost Leadership

LONGi Green Energy ranks No.3 in profitability and cost leadership, a significant improvement over the previous quarter.

LONGi Green Energy Ranks No.1 by Revenue Growth

During the reporting period, LONGi Green Energy is recognized No.1 in revenue growth in 2017-2019.

Statistics show that LONGi Green Energy as the most influential manufacturer of monocrystalline products has vibrant industry competitiveness and stable sustainable development capacity, and has an excellent performance in the business conditions, development prospects, strategic investment, risk control and other aspects.

LONGi Green Energy has maintained the leadership in financial health year-round, and demonstrated remarkable risk control ability and long-term strategic vision, especially during the intense competition of the PV industry.

Adhering to the parent company’s technology-oriented mission, and based on the parent company’s global leading technologies, scale and financial strength, LONGi Solar has continued to grow, and enhance the value of end customers.

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