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Minneapolis, May 7, 2024 – LONGi, a global leader in solar technology, announced the launch of its latest module, Hi-MO 5 Ice-Shield, specifically designed for durability and reliability in the face of increasing extreme hail and windstorms. Establishing a new industry benchmark for quality and performance, the Ice-Shield module significantly improves reliability while maintaining the higher power generation and reduced LCOE and BoS costs of the Hi-MO 5 module.

Unlike standard bifacial dual-glass PV modules on the market that typically use 2 mm of heat-strengthened front and rear glass, LONGi’s new Ice-Shield module leverages toughened safety glass technology, the same material that protects cell phone screens from breakage, with a 3.2 mm integrated top layer of tempered glass. This new design enables the Ice-Shield module to withstand up to 55 mm hailstones (approximately the size of a billiard ball) striking at a speed of 33.9 meters per second, compared to a traditional dual-glass module that may fail after impact from greater than 25 mm to 35mm hailstones (approximately the size of a quarter to a half dollar) striking at a lower speed. Additionally, in contrast to the IEC standard of 25mm hailstone at 23 meters per second, the Ice-Shield module can withstand up to approximately 17x the impact energy. Not only do tests show the 55 mm hailstone disintegrating upon impact, according to the 3rd-party testing results at TUV, the new Ice-Shield module showed no visual defect and almost no power degradation after impact.

“As the climate crisis causes more extreme weather patterns, like high winds and hail, we need innovation to help harden our critical infrastructure against these threats,” said Eric Luo, LONGi Group Vice President and Head of North America Business Center. “Over the past few years, we’ve seen how sensitive our energy grid and legacy power stations have been to extreme weather, and just recently we saw the substantial impact of hail on solar in Texas. That’s why LONGi is leading the way with its Ice-Shield module that is specifically designed to protect grid stability and asset value.”

With its frame being the main load-bearing component, the new Ice-Shied module is reinforced with 6005-T6 high-strength anodized aluminum alloy material that provides a yield strength of up to 3600Pa wind loads, which is equal to 171.33 mph winds, with mainstream trackers. This is crucial as hailstorms are often accompanied by winds at or even above 120 miles per hour (53.6 meters per second). Confident in the reliability and durability of its new Ice-Shield module, LONGi is offering a 12-year product and 30-year power warranty.

In addition to the module’s improved reliability, the new Ice-Shield module maintains the Hi-MO 5 module advantages of a 2.2% power generation increase and 0.9% BoS cost reduction compared to competitive bifacial transparent back sheet (TB) modules.

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