CLEANPOWER Attendees Welcome LONGis Hi-MO 5 Ice-Shield Module

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Texas, USA-Jun 3rd, 2024 - As the prevalence of extreme weather events, particularly hailstorms, continues to rise, the solar industry is increasingly focused on developing innovative solutions to mitigate the risks associated with such environmental challenges. The 350 MW PV plant in Texas that recently suffered catastrophic hail damage had caused investors and insurance companies alike to question the ROI and viability of front-of-the-meter sites in the Great Plains and the Central High Plains regions, commonly known as Hail Alley.


So, when we unveiled our new Hi-MO 5 Ice-Shield module that reduces the risk of hail damage at CLEANPOWER, it received an exceptionally positive reception. Solar Builder’s Brad Kramer covered the launch of the new module in the article, “Preventing Hail Damage: New LONGi Hi-Mo Ice-Shield Module Adds Extra Armor” and Solar Power World’s Kelly Pickerel also covered the launch, “LONGi’s new bifacial module uses thicker glass to better withstand hail damage.”

The new Hi-MO 5 Ice-Shield module uses a 3.2 mm integrated top layer of tempered glass to improve module durability and reliability. This thicker layer of toughened safety glass can withstand up to 55 mm hailstones (approximately the size of a billiard ball) striking at a speed of 33.9 meters per second, compared to a traditional dual-glass module that may fail after impact from greater than 25 mm to 35 mm hailstones (approximately the size of a quarter to a half dollar) striking at a lower speed. With the size of hailstones increasing due to climate change, it is important that modules can withstand impact from larger hailstones.  

The IEC standard is only 25 mm hailstone at 23 meters per second, but the Ice-Shield module can withstand up to approximately 17x the impact energy. Not only do tests show the 55 mm hailstone disintegrating upon impact, according to the third-party testing results at TUV, the new Ice-Shield module showed no visual defect and almost no power degradation after impact.

But at LONGi, we think about our modules in a holistic way. Hailstorms also cause increased wind, which is why the frame of the new Ice-Shield module is reinforced with 6005-T6 high-strength anodized aluminum alloy material and a load-bearing design that enables it to withstand up to 3600Pa wind loads with mainstream trackers, equal to 171.33 mph winds.

With the Hi-MO 5 Ice-Shield module, LONGi is setting a new benchmark for durability and performance in extreme weather conditions. By addressing both hail and wind concerns, we are ensuring that utility-scale PV sites remain a viable and reliable investment, even in the most challenging environments. As we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of solar technology, we are committed to offering solutions that not only meet but exceed industry standards.

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