Green Energy
As a leading solar manufacturer and global supplier of green energy products, LONGi attaches great importance to sustainability in its production facililties and operations. We aspire to a zero carbon community by building our environmental control system, investing more in environmental protection programs, reducing energy and water consumption, utilizing more renewable electricity for less carbon emissions, and recycling wastes. Promoting the green development of clean energy for clean energy is LONGi's unswerving pursuit. LONGi promotes clean and safe production in every plant and every production process, implementing uniform specifications. As of 2020, LONGi has built four state-level green factories.
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Xi'an Wafer Factory Plant
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Baoshan Silicon Plant
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Quzhou Module Plant
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Yinchuan Module Plant
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LONGi is changing the mix of its energy use, striving to increase the percentage of renewable power used and implementing our RE100 commitments, while still achieving large-scale production growth.
3.096 billion kWh
Renewable electricity used in 2021
Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
Green renewable electricity ratio in 2021
5 Plants in Yunnan Province have green power certifications.
We made progress in energy conservation, water conservation and waste recycling
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Production Electricity
In 2021, the consumption of electricity per unit in LONGi production decreased by 5.38%YoY, saving about 259 million kWh of electricity.
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Production Water
In 2021, the consumption of water per unit in LONGi production decreased by 10.73% YoY, saving 729,000 tons of water.
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Product Recycling
More than 90% of LONGi’s module products are comprehensively recycled and reused.
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Energy Saving Targets
Set energy-saving targets for the next five years, aiming to achieve a 10%-15% reduction in electricity unit consumption by 2025.
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Water Consumption Reduction Targets
Set water- saving targets for the next 5 years, aiming to achieve a 20% or more reduction in water unit consumption by 2025.
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Lifecycle Quality
LONGi participates in the key national R&D program of renewable energy and hydrogen technology and has built environmentally-friendly treatment technology and an experimental platform for crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules with new materials.
Win-win Collaboration, Joint Innovation, Green Decarbonization
Promoting “Win-Win Collaboration, Joint Innovation, Green Decarbonization,” LONGi works with its suppliers and partners to think more deeply and broadly to achieve a responsible supply chain. As a world-leading solar manufacturer, LONGi has a global supply chain and the widespread responsibilities that come with it. We and our suppliers share information and collaborate for win-win cooperation: an improving solar supply chain ecosystem is like a strong engine for the green economy, creating early opportunities and new horizons, and accelerating the inevitable global transition to clean energy. We bring together our suppliers and partners to global climate actions, and call for upstream and downstream enterprises to build a green industrial ecosystem.
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We advocate
standard wafer size
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Bring together suppliers and partners
to launch the LONGi Carbon Credit Initiative for a Green Supply Chain