LERRI Solar attends clean energy expo in Birmingham, UK

Globale Neuigkeiten

On October 4, the three-day Solar Energy UK - Clean Energy Live kicked off in Birmingham, UK. At the most influential international solar energy industry event, LERRI Solar came out with a new brand image, and attracted wide attention from the industry audience, and the booth of LERRI Solar was also one of the most popular booths at the expo. 

LERRI Solar released a number of efficient monocrystalline module products for commercial applications, including the high-power low-attenuation PERC module (Hi-Mo1), double-glass module, smart module, 1500V module, conventional module and PERC black module. 

About the Expo:

Solar Energy UK - Clean Energy Live, Birmingham, UK is the largest and most influential energy expo in the UK, and a major solar energy and clean energy expo in Europe in the second half of a year. In 2015, the expo attracted exhibitors and visitors from 65 countries including the UK, Germany, Ireland, Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and China. According to statistics, the number of attendees reached 4,633, 44% of the visitors communicated with more than 10 exhibitors, and 89% of the visitors recommended the expo. From 2012 onwards, the number of visitors has increased by more than 30% per year. 

The expo is organized by Solar Media, a solar energy marketing institution. Solar Media has founded the most influential solar energy magazine, held a number of new energy and environmental protection exhibitions and forums, magazines, and is a leading new energy marketing media in Europe. The expo also utilizes its media advantages to create ample promotional opportunities for the exhibitors.