LONGi on Forbes List for Best Employers of China in 2021


On June 28, Forbes China released the main list and sub-list of “2021 Forbes China · best employer”, and LONGi was awarded Forbes China’s best employer and the most sustainable employer of 2021. During the three months before and after the event, more than 100 enterprises engaged in this selective process, and over 50,000 people took the survey. The main list and sub list of “2021 Forbes China · best employer” were set up to obtain information by means of public registration, questionnaire survey, etc., and experts and scholars from various fields were invited to evaluate and examine enterprises from diversified dimensions to ensure neutrality and professionalism of the evaluations.Since its founding, LONGi has been devoted to the mission of “utilizing solar energy, building a green world” and uphold the aspiration to be the world’s most valuable solar technology company. The past two decades have witnessed its commitment to the “reliable, value-added, delighted” core values and practice of “respect, opportunity, incentive” in its talent development. We attach much attentions to every employee for their development, and take the utmost effort to develop the most valuable platform for development of employees.  Along with the rapid business growth worldwide, LONGi is convinced that talent is one of the crucial drivers and core competitiveness for an enterprise. At home and abroad, there are currently over 60,000 employees taken on the “prosperous sector, joint undertaking” in LONGi. LONGi will keep building a fair and diversified career development platform for them, a complete and comprehensive training system for their all-round growth, and a place where everyone feels happy, successful, growing, and satisfied.